Almost Famous (at the Supreme Court)

After the Crystal Clear Atheism conference on September 28-30, my wife and I took an extra couple of days to do a little sightseeing.  She had an appointment on Monday, October 1, so at her urging I arrived early at the Supreme Court in hopes of being seated for their first morning session of the year.   In the end, I managed to get seated near the back for a few minutes; still, it was very cool to see the Supremes in action.

The next morning, as I browsed the complimentary USA Today slipped under our hotel room door, I was amused to see a photo of myself standing in line with others waiting outside the Court.   (Here’s a link to the original story, although I’m not sure how long it will be active.) Granted, I’m facing away from the camera; granted, I’m about half an inch tall.  Still, it’s not everyday I appear in the front section of USA Today. 

I should note that there was a young couple standing behind me (both attorneys from Florida) with whom I had a very nice conversation.  I casually mentioned I had met Richard Dawkins just to see what they’d say, and I was pleasantly surprised at their positive reaction.  It gives me some encouragement to think that there are lots of non-theists out there living under the radar.

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