Is Freethought Radio a “new war on religion”?

Fox News Channel has taken note that Freethought Radio (produced by the Freedom from Religion Foundation) is now being broadcast nationwide via Air America.  Media Matters has posted TV clips and other info, including Fox News anchors reporting the news with unmistakable sarcasm, asking “Is this a new war on religion?”

Well, there’s no doubt you can look at freethought as being at war with religion, to the extent that it offers an opposing outlook.  I think most freethinkers would be happy to see religion go the way of the dodo, as long as it was replaced by rational discourse.  That said, I have two questions:

  1. If Freethought Radio is at war with religion, does that mean that the gazillion TV/radio stations and countless Sunday morning broadcasts on local channels are at war with rationalism?

  2. Why can’t rationalists have just ONE nationwide show devoted to their worldview without it being perceived as some sort of conspiracy?

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