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Podcast #12 – John McCain

John McCain – We talk about Senator John McCain‘s likely stance on church-state issues.  We also interview Steve Yothment, president of the Atlanta Freethought Society (, about AFS’s new permanent facility.  Plus a discussion of Calvin Wayne Inman, a Texas youth … Continue reading

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The Subtle Knife -and- The Amber Spyglass

Now that the dust has settled (if you’ll pardon the pun) over The Golden Compass, the feature film based on the first installment of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy, here are reviews of the audiobook versions of books two … Continue reading

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Podcast #11 – Massimo Pigliucci on Darwin Day

Darwin Day 2008 – Charles Darwin‘s birthday is February 12, which is as good a day as any to celebrate his achievements and those of science in general.  We talk to evolutionary biologist, philosopher and popular science writer Massimo Pigliucci of … Continue reading

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Jesus for the Non-Religious

Bishop John Shelby Spong’s controversial demolition and (hopeful) rehabilitation of Jesus of Nazareth. by John C. Snider © 2008 Jesus was born in a perfectly natural way in Nazareth.  His mother was not the icon of virgin purity.  His earthly … Continue reading

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Letting Go of God

Comedienne Julia Sweeney’s thoughtful journey from faith to freethought. by David Driscoll © 2008 Letting Go of God is a heartfelt, moving and entertaining study by Julia Sweeney of her own personal struggle with religion.  Julia is known mostly for … Continue reading

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Podcast #10 – Susan Werner

Susan Werner – We interview the talented singer/songwriter whose latest album – The Gospel Truth – she describes as “agnostic gospel”, combining the music of faith with the lyrics of doubt.  Also worth a listen is her I Cant Be New, which … Continue reading

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Freedom Evolves

In this book from 2003, philosopher Daniel Dennett (Breaking the Spell) tries to reconcile Free Will and Darwinian Theory. by John C. Snider © 2008 Does free will exist?  It’s a thorny issue that philosophers have tangled with for millennia.  … Continue reading

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Evolution’s Captain

A review of Peter Nichols’ biography of Robert Fitzroy, captain of the H.M.S. Beagle by John C. Snider © 2008 Every school child and amateur scientist knows (or should) that Charles Darwin began developing his ideas about evolution and the … Continue reading

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Podcast #9 – Galileo

Galileo Galilei – An exploration of his life and influence, including an interview with UNLV professor Dr. Maurice A. Finocchiaro (author of Retrying Galileo); a discussion of the recent controversy involving Pope Benedict XVI (whose 1990 speech defending the Inquisition … Continue reading

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