Snider and Driscoll Guest on The Reason-Driven Podcast

Listen to American Freethought’s John Snider and David Driscoll as guests on the 3/31/2008 episode of The Reason-Driven Podcast, a show which steps chapter-by-chapter through Robert M. Price’s engaging book The Reason-Driven Life.   We discuss Chapter 20 “Healing Religious Divisions”, which encourages freethinkers to engage in friendly, intellectually honest debate with believers, and to try to find common causes which don’t involve religion. 

Price wrote The Reason-Driven Life as a counterpoint to Robert Warren’s bestselling The Purpose-Driven Life, which claims that everything happens in accordance with God’s Divine Plan. 

Thanks to Danny Schade and the Reason-Driven Crew for having us on the ‘cast!

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