Podcast #17 – Jeremiah Wright

Controversies Galore – We take a look at the ongoing feud between Senator Barack Obama and his former pastor Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  To see Wright’s National Press Club appearance start here [link].

Not only is John McCain kowtowing to the worst elements of the Religious Right, he’s also a superstitious nut [link].

Why was President Ellen Johnson fired from American Atheists Inc.?  The leadership has issued vague and contradictory statements.  We’re not asking them to wallow in the mud, but it would be nice if they gave their membership and the taxpaying public a straightforward explanation.  Visit nogodblog.com for more (or less) info.

New French shrine recognized by the Catholic Church – Notre Dame du Laus is the latest tourist trap where the credulous can be shaken down for a few bucks [link].  Meanwhile, they have dug up infamous stigmata-monger Padre Pio, slapped a mask on him and propped him up for display [link].  Nice.

Florida legislature is considering blatantly religious I Believe license plates [link].

Illinois man wants to change his name to In God We Trust.  Should we call him “God” or “Mr. Trust”? [link]


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Hosted by John Snider and David Driscoll.  Recorded 4/11/2008.

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