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Louisiana’s Jindal Signs Stealth Creationism Bill The day before we recorded episode #20 of the podcast, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed the Louisiana Science Education Act, which is essentially designed to protect teachers who might want to insert creationist teachings into public school biology classrooms.  … Continue reading

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Podcast #20 – Barbara Forrest

Barbara Forrest – We talk to Dr. Barbara Forrest about SB 733 [link], the so-called Louisiana Science Education Act, a piece of legislation sitting on the desk of Governor Bobby Jindal that, if signed, would enable teachers and administrators in state schools to … Continue reading

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Podcast #19 – Herb Silverman

South Carolina Approves I Believe License Plates – The SC legislature just approved specialty license plates that include the words “I Believe” along with a Christian cross and a stained glass window.  Florida tried the same trick and failed.  We’ll … Continue reading

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Archaeologists…Paleontologists…whatever Ummm…yeah.  Good Morning America’s Chris Cuomo reports the fantastic news that “archaeologists have unearthed the remains of six dinosaur species” in Utah.  Well, maybe not.  According to, archaeologists study “past human life and culture by the recovery and examination … Continue reading

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Podcast #18 – The Catholic Church

The Catholic Church – We provide an overview on the good, the bad and the crazy aspects of the Roman Catholic Church.  Purgatory.  Limbo.  Whatever. Ben Stein – The frontman for the anti-science documentary Expelled opens his mouth and removes … Continue reading

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Obama Resigns from Church This was inevitable.  I would say it’s about time, but that would imply that Barack Obama spent the last 20 years at Trinity and didn’t know it was a showcase for black-power, white-conspiracy rhetoric.  (Cue Claude Rains shouting “I’m … Continue reading

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