Podcast #23 – Lori Lipman Brown

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4 Responses to Podcast #23 – Lori Lipman Brown

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    Two, because even conservative secularists are uncomfortable holding views that put them into a position of LOOKING like they’re in alliance with the hated religionists.

    Nonetheless, it’s not hard to imagine the construction of an anti-abortion stance, depending on how one defines “human being” or “person” and how one views personal responsibility. One could also imagine a completely secular but totalitarian society that does not respect individual or reproductive rights (Remember, being secular does not automatically mean being a good person, an ethical person, or a freedom-loving person. There seems to be no direct relationship between irreligiosity and progressiveness; atheists can count within their number a wide spectrum of personalities, from Julia Sweeney to Stalin).

    All that said, I’m not aware of any secular organizations or movements that argue against abortion. A woman’s (near) absolute right to choose is about as close to unquestionable dogma as you can get amongst American atheists.

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