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Podcast #29 – Report #2 on AAI Convention 2008

David Driscoll gives a wrap-up on the 14th annual Atheist Alliance International convention in Long Beach, California, including his descriptions of presentations by Julia Sweeney, PZ Myers, Eddie Tabash, Michael Shermer and Michael Newdow.  Details on the convention can be … Continue reading

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Podcast #28 – Report from AAI Convention 2008

David Driscoll reports (almost) live from the 14th annual Atheist Alliance International convention in Long Beach, California.  Details on the convention – including the opportunity to watch it from home via live streaming – can be found here [link].

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The Atheism Tapes 2 of 6: Denys Turner

Here’s the second of six short documentary interviews conducted by Jonathan Miller.  This one’s with theologian Denys Turner:  

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OK, if you’re an atheist…

…don’t do what this guy did.  He’s Timothy Brown, a 37-year-old husband and father from Ipswich, England.  This self-described atheist was recently arrested after pursuing a year-long campaign to convert his neighbor away from Christianity.  He did this by vandalizing … Continue reading

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More Wasilliness

And you thought Jeremiah Wright was bad.  Check out “Bishop” Thomas Muthee (rhymes with “moosey”).  Visit the website of Word of Faith Church in Kenya and then continue reading here.  This guy makes Wright look like John Shelby Spong.  Lest you doubt his … Continue reading

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Lincoln-Douglas they ain’t, but…

…we’ll be having three presidential debates (plus one VP debate) between now and election day.  If you can stomach the canned statements, repetitive platitudes and non-confrontational moderators, set your VCRs (does anyone still use VCRs anymore?) and DVRs as follows:

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Happy Birthday to Us!

Today American Freethought is one year old.  Whee!  On September 23, 2007 the URL was registered, and on the next day the first entry went online.  Two months later (November 24) the American Freethought Podcast debuted; now it’s one of the … Continue reading

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Sam Harris Picks on Sarah Palin…Again

Well, he doesn’t so much pick on her as call a spade a spade.  Sam Harris (The End of Faith, Letter to a Christian Nation) is not only perceptive; he writes brilliantly.  Anyway, here’s his latest essay, “In Defense of … Continue reading

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The Atheism Tapes 1 of 6: Daniel Dennett

More great stuff from  This one is part of a series of interviews with prominent athiests by playwright, filmmaker and self-described atheist Jonathan Miller.  First up: philosopher Daniel Dennett.  Enjoy!  

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Podcast #27 – Ed Buckner

Interview with Ed Buckner, the newly appointed president of American Atheists.  Ed was formerly an executive director of the Council for Secular Humanism, and at the time of his appointment to this new post was the Treasurer of the Atlanta … Continue reading

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