Webster Cook Deposed

University of Central Florida student senator Webster Cook, who sparked a furor a few weeks ago by making off with a Eucharist during an on-campus Catholic Mass, has been removed from office after a committee hearing.  While I hate to hear pinheads like Blowhard Bill Donohue and His Catholic League crowing over this “victory”, I have to conclude that Cook kinda had it coming.  I agree with Cook’s objection to university-funded religious services being held on campus, but I do not think that disrupting such meetings is the way to fight it.

But really, I have to laugh that the Mighty Mechanism of the Catholic League is reduced to marshalling its forces in a months-long crusade to remove… a smartass kid from the student government of some obscure university.  Yeah, that’ll show ‘im!  Still, maybe the panicky shrillness of some outspoken Catholics about this horrific abduction and holding hostage of the Body of Christ (ahem) has shone a light on the ridiculous doctrine of transubstantiation, and revealed the Church as not exactly the bastion of moderation and intellectualism they’d have us believe.

For more than you’ll ever want to hear on the Crazy Cracker Crisis, listen to our recent podcast interview with biologist/blogger PZ Myers.

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