Three Words: “Shoe”, “Other” and “Foot”

As listeners of the American Freethought Podcast know, co-host David Driscoll’s other pod-project is his one-man-show for Secular Nation magazine called “Secular Nation On-the-Go”.  It’s essentially David’s audiobook version of the magazine, supplemented with his interviews of contributors and/or persons featured in the articles.

But what to do if the subject of an article is also the newsreader?  The situation could very quickly go meta, and even David isn’t narcissistic enough to interview himself.  So…he asked yours truly (John Snider) to step in as guest reader on show #14, reading an article about the new Secular Nation podcast, which also happens to be a profile of Herr Driscoll.  A segment is included with me interviewing David (an odd experience, since it sounds a lot like a mini-episode of American Freethought).

Check it out at or search for “Secular Nation” on iTunes.  I did my best to emulate David’s soporific steady delivery.  :)  Just kidding, Dave!

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