Born Again – Snagged!

Check out this documentary film from director Markie Hancock, which details her struggle to leave evangelical Christianity behind.  Let me know what you think about it.


This documentary is courtesy of SnagFilms, a new site (still in the beta phase, apparently) that hosts documentary films.  At SnagFilms, “you can watch full-length documentary films for free, but [it’s] also a platform that lets you ‘snag’ a film and put it anywhere on the web.”  I guess it’s like YouTube except it’s all legal-and-stuff and it gives documentarians an opportunity to get exposure and support for their work.  Cool.

Here’s what they say about Born Again over at SnagFilms:

BORN AGAIN is the story of Director Markie Hancock’s evangelical upbringing and her 20-year struggle to get out.  Excerpts from Hancock’s journals, home movies and student films reveal the strong grip of fundamentalist religion.  As a child, she revels in the security that promises of eternal salvation bring to both her and her family.  Hancock only slowly begins to question the narrow path she has fervently followed when she falls in love with a woman.  It is in Berlin when she finally begins to free herself from religion and from the family she loves.  Ultimately, BORN AGAIN asks, at what price do we believe what we believe and how do we live with others who believe differently?

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