John McCain Answers Science Debate 2008

Well, he’s only six weeks or so late, but finally Senator John McCain has followed Obama’s example and submitted a write-in response to Science Debate 2008’s 14 questions.  As with Obama, I suspect McCain wasted none of his own time on this, but rather farmed it out to some staffer, who just plugged in canned position statements.  So no big surprises to be found within.

I should point out McCain’s inclusion of the statement “I believe clear lines should be drawn that reflect a refusal to sacrifice moral values and ethical principles for the sake of scientific progress” as part of his response on stem cell research.  Not to be too deconstructive, but I think this is code language tossed out for the anti-abortion/life-begins-at-conception crowd.  Will McCain not insist on moral values and ethical principles in the pursuit of healthcare reform?  nuclear power?  the war on terror?  Is there some long history of the medical community not behaving in a moral and ethical fashion that he would feel compelled to include such a cautionary statement?  If anything, it seems the medical community has done a superlative job overall in ensuring ethical practices and accountability (it’s the insurance companies who’ve been screwing the process).

Again, a reminder that we talked at length about Science Debate’s 14 Questions in show #21 of the American Freethought Podcast.

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