More Wasilliness

And you thought Jeremiah Wright was bad.  Check out “Bishop” Thomas Muthee (rhymes with “moosey”).  Visit the website of Word of Faith Church in Kenya and then continue reading here. 

This guy makes Wright look like John Shelby Spong.  Lest you doubt his credentials, he has a “Masters Degree in Practical Ministry” (an oxymoron if I ever heard one).  Apparently, Muthee kicked off his ministry in Kenya 20 years ago… with a witchhunt.  That’s right: Pastor… I’m sorry, Bishop… Muthee is a witchhunter in every sense of the word.

Why am I telling you about this guy?  Check out the latest bulletin from the Wasilla (yes, Alaska) Assembly of God.  Back in 2005, visiting preacher Muthee “laid hands on” then-would-be-Governor Palin and prayed for her campaign to be successful.  I’m not clear on the details, but it looks like the Palins moved their memberships from Wasilla Assembly of God to Wasilla Bible Church (they of the pray-away-the-gay ways).

As you can see from the church bulletin, Muthee has returned for another visit to Alaska and his hosts couldn’t be happier.  And Palin has credited him in public as recently as June.

For more about Thomas Muthee check out his Wikipedia entry or watch this clip from Countdown with Keith Olbermann (that’s how I found out about him).

I wonder if Muthee ever runs across any of the Obamas over there in Kenya…?  I know: it’s a big country.  Just curious.

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