Podcast #30 – Religulous

Xenical Online Kopen We discuss Religulous, the new documentary starring comedian Bill Maher (best known for his politically-oriented roundtable talk shows Politically Incorrect and Real Time with Bill Maher).  The early box office returns show Religulous making $3.5 million its first weekend on 500 screens (compare this to Ben Stein’s Expelled, which made $3 million on 1,000 screens).

When To Get Off Lexapro Our recommendation:  Go see Religulous!  Despite its many flaws, it’s funny, informative, and ultimately thought-provoking.

Cialis Safe Buy Online Visit the Religulous Official Website at Lionsgate.com/Religulous.

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Recorded October 5, 2008.  Hosted by John C. Snider and David Driscoll.

To listen to this episode click here.

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3 Responses to Podcast #30 – Religulous

  1. Bill Parker says:

    Arkansas may have Mark Pryor but here are a few things we don’t have…

    -Governors praying for rain (or anything) on the steps of the State Capital
    -Creationist stickers on our textbooks
    -Right wing conservative state government
    -Newt Gingrich

    Here are a few things we do have…
    -a Democratic Governor, State Legislature, and Federal Congressional Delegation (except 1 Representative)
    -an active Freethought Community

    While I will agree that Arkansas is no Freethought Shangri-La, maybe the folks in Georgia need to read the one about the glass house…

  2. John C. Snider says:


    Have you not listened to any of our other podcasts? Or read this blog? We air Georgia’s dirty laundry all the time. We’re not picking on Arkansas; had Maher interviewed one of the Senators or Congressmen from Georgia we’d be laughing at him.


  3. Bill Parker says:

    I think in your podcast you mention you feel Mark Pryor will probably win re-election with 100% of the vote or something like that “after all it is Arkansas”. My point was simply that while Arkansas, like Georgia, is strongly traditionalist when it comes to religion, that view is not 100% by any means. I have been a listener of your podcast since the very beginning and enjoy it very much. Keep up the good work!

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