“That’s where the blade was found at.”

Behind the “at”?  No, in a Bible.  An inmate in Dothan, Alabama tried to escape by hiding a hacksaw blade in the Good Book (‘Good’ fer hidin’ thangs!). 

Here’s the complete report (click here while the link lasts to read it online at the Dothan Eagle website):

By Jim Cook

Published: October 6, 2008

A Houston County Jail inmate used a hidden hacksaw to cut through a cell bar in an escape attempt foiled by an observant corrections officer, according to police.

Gregory Antonio Patterson is being charged with second-degree escape, Houston County Sheriff Andy Hughes said. Patterson, 19, was in jail pending trial for two armed robberies of a Shell gas station and a Beeline convenience store.

Hughes said a corrections officer noticed damage to a cell bar on Saturday. A subsequent lock-down and search uncovered a small hacksaw blade.

“It was hidden in the back cover of a Bible,” Hughes said. “That’s where the blade was found at.”

Hughes said the sheriff’s office is investigating how Patterson obtained a blade, and any parties involved will likely face felony charges.

Hughes said Patterson’s try for an early out was the first escape attempt at the jail since he became sheriff in 2007. Hughes said even if Patterson had been able to saw through the bar, other security measures would have prevented his escape.

Now, the article doesn’t say, but initially I assumed the hacksaw had been smuggled in to Patterson inside the Bible, but I suppose it’s possible it got to him some other way and he decided to hide it in a Bible that was already in his cell.  Still, it makes me wonder: had any other book been delivered to Patterson (say, God Is Not Great or The Complete Lectures of Robert G. Ingersoll) would they have given it as thorough a search as they would have given a Bible?  Ah, who am I kidding, prisoners don’t read that kind of stuff – they read the Bible. 

Actually, my favorite part of this news report is the illustration of the deputy’s badge that came with it.  Apparently the Great Seal of Alabama shows a map of the state with all the other states around it labeled (“MISS”, “TENN”, “FLA” and “GA”).  Like people can’t figure out that Alabama is the one in the middle.

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