Podcast #32 – Potpourri and Feedback

In this episode we throw in a potpourri of items in the news or random events we think our subscribers will find interesting, plus we discuss some interesting listener feedback.

Religulous Kicks Expelled‘s Ass – Comedian Bill Maher’s anti-religion documentary Religulous has earned $10.6M in four weeks on roughly 500 screens.  Compare that to Ben Stein’s “evolution means genocide” screed Expelled, which brought in $7.7M during its entire eight-week run on over 1,000 screens.  So maybe Americans aren’t as nuts as we’d feared.

W – We talk briefly about Oliver Stone’s not-great-not-terrible biopic of our current lame-duck president.  Bottom line: it’s worth seeing but offers no new insights into how a mediocrity like George W. Bush could wrangle his way into two full terms as the most powerful man on the planet.  Visit WtheFilm.com for more info.

Wicked – The hit musical Wicked (based on the novel by which turns the premise of The Wizard of Oz upside-down) is playing at the historic Fox Theatre in Atlanta.  This of course leads to sidewalk preachers descending upong Peachtree Street like a plague of locusts to decry the desensitization of our youth to witchcraft and moral relativism (just like that brat Harry Potter).

Track Rock Archaeological Site near Brasstown Bald is the only known example of prehistoric petroglyphs in Georgia.  Nobody – not even the Cherokee Indians – knows who carved them or when.  Paleontologists tell us that humans have lived in Georgia for as long as 15,000 years (but of course this estimate raises the hackles of some fundamentalists, who “know” the earth was created in 4,004 BC).  Atlanta’s Fernbank Museum of Natural History organizes occasional guided hikes, and if you’re ever available they’re well worth your while.  For more visit FernbankMuseum.org.

Anti-Discrimination Survey – Margaret Downey (recently retired president of Atheist Alliance International) is working with the Anti-Discrimination Support Network.  If you have a few minutes, visit Atheist Research Online [link] and take their brief, anonymous survey [link].

Listener Feedback – Bill objects to our sarcastic asides about Arkansas from podcast #30.  Referencing our September 20 blog entry at AmericanFreethought.com, Jerry thinks Sam Harris is an elitist snob.  David shares a response to Secular Nation Podcast #17 from a listener who apparently wasn’t listening.


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Recorded October 23, 2008.  Hosted by John C. Snider and David Driscoll.

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