What does CNN have against atheists?

Check out this clip from yesterday’s CNN.  Some quick background:  North Carolina Senator Elizabeth Dole (R) has been making a lot of hay out of the fact that Democratic challenger Kay Hagan attended a fundraiser organized by the Godless Americans PAC.  Speaking purely politically, Hagan shoulda seen this one coming; still, given that she would take heat for it, her response should have been something along the lines of “Look, atheists are citizens, too, and while I might not agree with them on religious issues, they have legitimate concerns and I make no apologies for attending their fundraiser.”  Instead, Hagan issued a response that emphasizes that she’s just as Christian as Mrs. Dole.  So much for debating their qualifications for office.

Anyway, back to CNN.    Not only couldn’t they be bothered to find an atheist pundit to defend the fundraiser [Hey Wolf, shoot me an email, we’ll talk!], they got two pundits whose default positions are that atheists are bad/idiots but that Dole was hitting below the belt nontheless:  Donna “Don’t Let the White Boys Win” Brazile and Bill “The Gambler” Bennett.  See for yourself…


And this isn’t the first time CNN has pulled these kinds of shenanigans.  After airing this report on Paula Zahn…


…Ms. Zahn brings in a panel of religious bigots (who stoop to open mockery!) and not a single non-believer:


So what it is with CNN?  You’d think with their liberal rep they’d at least give non-believers a seat at the table when it comes to discussions that involve them directly.  (They did bring Richard Dawkins in a day or two later, but it was too little too late.)

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