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For the atheist who shops…

Some non-believers exchange gifts during the holidays; some don’t. If you’re one of the former, consider shopping at through us. You’ll get the same great prices and you’ll help toss a little change to Just click on the … Continue reading

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AF Podcast Turns One!

The American Freethought Podcast celebrates its first anniversary today.  Whee!  Yay!  Yippee!!!  Thirty-four episodes, a dozen interviews, one ill-considered rollerderby incident and innumerable libertarian rants later – and the public still hasn’t risen up with pitchforks and torches to give us our just … Continue reading

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Gay Adoption Victory in Florida

In this crazy win-some-lose-some political season, no other issue has had a more mixed result than gay rights.  Now a Florida judge has ruled the statewide ban on adoption by gay couples is unconstitutional.  Wrap your head around this one: it’s … Continue reading

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Podcast #34 – Mel Lipman

Interview with Mel Lipman (approx. 42 minutes into the show), president of the American Humanist Association (and, incidentally, the father of Lori Lipman Brown, lobbyist for the Secular Coalition for American, whom we talked to in podcast #23).  We talk … Continue reading

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On This Day in (Forgotten?) History

On November 21, 1953, evidence was released that the Piltdown Man skull was a hoax.  Zoologists and palaeontologists concluded that the jaw bone was that of an ape and the skull of a human.  German anthropologist Franz Weidenreich exposed the … Continue reading

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USA Today tackles Playing Gods

Nationwide rag USA Today reviews Playing Gods, the role-playing game created by Skeptical Inquirer managing editor Ben Radford.  The article is mostly accurate (although the reporter refers to Atlanta-based Dragon*Con, where Playing Gods debuted last fall, as “DragonCom”). 

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140 Years of UFO Photos

I stumbled across this interesting gallery of photos (one dating back to 1870!) from and don’t forget Part II).  Am I a hopeless skeptic if I say I find none of these pictures convincing?

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Bigfoot in Your Mouth

Should we do more traditional “skeptic” stuff here?  I tend to concentrate on the socio-politico-religious stuff, and not just ’cause it’s important.  But there’s lots of crazy stuff out there that cries out for the skeptic treatment.  The recent “I … Continue reading

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Keith Olbermann Is My Hero

When it comes to weeknight news commentary, MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann is my pick.  Olbermann is well-dressed, well-spoken, well-informed, smart, funny and passionate about his work.  Plus he’s up against Bill O’Reilly so he needs all the viewers he … Continue reading

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Whose Ass Would Jesus Kick?

Gotta love those “thou shalt forgive seventy times seven” Christian types.  Armenian and Greek Orthodox monks brawled at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.  That’s right, men of the cloth chose to bust knuckles at the very place they think … Continue reading

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