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More on the GA hijab caper

Here’s more on the incident in Georgia in which a judge held a Muslim woman in contempt for wanting to wear her headscarf in the courtroom.

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Podcast #37 – Year-End Wrap-Up

As we look forward to 2009, we take a moment to review the success and progress of the American Freethought Podcast in 2008.  What was our best episode?  What could we have done better? We also unveil a new contest … Continue reading

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Hitchens on Rick Warren

Christopher Hitchens delivers his latest blast of nontheistic spleen-venting against Rick Warren (who will offer up the invocation at Barack Obama’s inauguration).  Leave it to ol’ Hitch to come up with phrases like “happy-slappy Sunday ‘Churchianity’ mega-feel-good fiestas.”

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Check out our new CafePress store!

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Rick F**king Warren???

What the hell is Barack Obama thinking?  Rick “The Purpose-Driven Hammerhead” Warren is going to deliver Obama’s inauguration invocation? (We could talk about why there’s an invocation to start with, but that’s another matter…)

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Just doin’ our hijab, ma’am

Here’s one from the Georgia homefront.  A judge in Douglasville, GA put a woman in jail for trying to enter the courthouse wearing her hijab, or Muslim headscarf.  The judge cited a rule about no headcoverings.  This same judge previously had … Continue reading

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Podcast #36 – Roy Zimmerman

Interview with singer/songwriter and sociopolitical satirist Roy Zimmerman.  Find out whether or not Roy succeeded in playing gigs in all 50 States before Election Day 2008!  Roy follows in the long tradition of socially progressive troubadour activists like Bob Dylan, … Continue reading

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Will Pres. Obama be unchurched?

Oh, the scandal!  Since the election, Pres. Elect Obama is opting for the gym rather than a pew.  Could this be a taste of things to come?  I predict Pres. Obama will be generally uninterested in church and in the … Continue reading

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There ARE Atheists in Foxholes

Check out this recent NPR commentary from Capt. Benjamin Tupper of the Army National Guard.

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“I Believe” this might be illegal…

As we discussed in podcast #19, the government of South Carolina decided it was a good idea to print special license plates featuring a Christian cross and the words “I Believe”.  Various and sundry groups sued, and now…

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