Stewart Schools Huckabee on Gay Marriage

Here’s a great clip from The Daily Show, with host Jon Stewart discussion the issue of gay marriage with former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee:

This is a great illustration of where the open debate on gay marriage stands.  I say “open” because, much like the Creationism-Evolution debate, the conservative/religious crowd’s tactics change as they learn what does and doesn’t work in the public/legal arena.  “The Bible is the literal Word of God and the Earth was created 6,000 years ago over the course of six days ” has become “Teach the controversy” and “Discuss the weaknesses in the theory of evolution.” 

Similarly, with gay marriage, “I hate fags,” “It ain’t natural,” and “The Bible says homosexuality is an abomination” have become “Marriage has been traditionally defined as between a man and a woman, a definition that should not be so cavalierly cast aside.”  Heck, they can’t use the argument that “Marriage is about child-rearing” since that would mean that couples incapable of or uninterested in having children should be prohibited from marrying.

All this said, I think that, barring strange and unforeseen developments, in 20 years the fight for gay rights (including gay marriage) will largely have been won.  I see Proposition 8 and other, similar amendments to various state constitutions as desperate rearguard actions that only delay the inevitable.

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