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Rick F**king Warren???

What the hell is Barack Obama thinking?  Rick “The Purpose-Driven Hammerhead” Warren is going to deliver Obama’s inauguration invocation? (We could talk about why there’s an invocation to start with, but that’s another matter…)

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Just doin’ our hijab, ma’am

Here’s one from the Georgia homefront.  A judge in Douglasville, GA put a woman in jail for trying to enter the courthouse wearing her hijab, or Muslim headscarf.  The judge cited a rule about no headcoverings.  This same judge previously had … Continue reading

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Podcast #36 – Roy Zimmerman

Interview with singer/songwriter and sociopolitical satirist Roy Zimmerman.  Find out whether or not Roy succeeded in playing gigs in all 50 States before Election Day 2008!  Roy follows in the long tradition of socially progressive troubadour activists like Bob Dylan, … Continue reading

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