Just doin’ our hijab, ma’am

Here’s one from the Georgia homefront.  A judge in Douglasville, GA put a woman in jail for trying to enter the courthouse wearing her hijab, or Muslim headscarf.  The judge cited a rule about no headcoverings.  This same judge previously had another woman removed from court for not removing her hijab.

Now, until I know more I’m going to have to side with the Muslims.  The government – including the courts – should always have a good reason for whatever rules they cook up, and in this case… I can’t think of a good reason this woman can’t wear her headscarf in court.

I suspect this rule originated with the Western custom of men removing their hats indoors, and especially when addressing someone in authority.  Western women have traditionally worn hats mostly when dressing formally, and have been exempt from the requirement to remove their hats indoors – or even in court.  (Women don’t wear hats in that manner so much nowadays; mostly just li’l ol’ ladies.)

And while I’m at it… it would be interesting to ask this judge if he would ask an Orthodox Jew to remove his yarmulke in court.  (Somebody Jewish help me out – what are the yarmulke rules?)

So.  Back to Douglasville.  Since anyone with a brain knows that Muslim women wear their hijabs to show humility and respect, what possible objection could the judge have?  They can’t say it’s for security, since everyone has to go through a metal detector.  So what’s the deal???

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