The Masters, James Brown, and now…

Augusta, Georgia has a freethought community!  The Augusta Freethought Society convened its first meeting on January 4th, with another set for February 5th.  Their mission statement says they are “a community of non-theists that promotes critical reason, separation of religion and state, rationalism, and the common good of humanity through social and educational events.”  Amen.

And, of course, they have a Facebook page.

Augusta is about 150 miles east of Atlanta, right on the Savannah River and the border with South Carolina.  It’s best known for the Masters golf tournament and as the home of rock legend James Brown.  (It’s also near and dear to my heart, if for no other reason than it’s where my lovely wife was born and raised.  My father-in-law still lives in Augusta, and feels like he’s the only non-believer in the county.)

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