Gay bishop to speak at Obama event

According to an Associated Press article, “The first openly gay Episcopal bishop will say a prayer at the Lincoln Memorial for one of President-elect Barack Obama‘s first inauguration events.”

Without begging the question of why it takes so many religious figures (conservative, liberal, gay, straight or otherwise) to swear-in a federal officer to a secular position, it’s good at least that Obama is trying to be inclusive when it comes to America’s gay and lesbian community – a community that he more or less sold down the river during his campaign, with official opposition to gay “marriage” and his invitation to Saddleback Church’s Rick “Purpose-Driven” Warren (a man who is openly opposed to various gay rights, and who supported California’s recently passed anti-gay-marriage amendment, Prop 8).

It would be interesting to know how long an invitation to Bishop Robinson has been in the plans; i.e. whether this had been on the table even before the Warren kerfuffle, or if the idea was concocted more or less at the last minute as a sop to disgruntled Democrats and secularists.

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