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Pope condemns genetic screening (except for priests)

Boy, lately the Pope just can’t steer away from hilariously ironic statements.  Now he’s warning us against genetic discrimination (under the guise of protecting fetuses who might turn out weak or ugly, I guess), whilst sitting at the head of … Continue reading

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Join us at the AA Nat’l Convention

It’s official: American Freethought’s John Snider and David Driscoll will be in attendance at the upcoming American Atheists National Convention, April 10-11, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.  Guest speakers include Richard Dawkin’s, AA president Ed Buckner, novelist James Morrow, author Michelle … Continue reading

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Supremes deny Summum in Utah

The Supreme Court has ruled that the city of Pleasant Grove, Utah may decline the donation of a religious monument from a small religious group called the Summum, despite the fact that the city had already accepted a Ten Commandments … Continue reading

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It’s official: we’re goin’ to Dragon*Con!

Look for us (John and David) at this year’s Dragon*Con, the largest pop culture convention in the United States (perhaps the world).  Dragon*Con 2009 will be held Labor Day weekend (Sep 4 – 7, 2009) in Atlanta, GA.  Sure, the … Continue reading

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Podcast #44 – Urotherapy

It’s our TMI edition!  First, we respond to recent listener feedback, and revisit our analysis of Joshua 10:12-13.  What would really happen if God made the sun “stand still” in the sky for a whole day?  Next, we tell you … Continue reading

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Phil “The Pundit” Plait on

Have you people not had enough of Phil Plait of late?  Nay?  Then check out his recent appearance at (one of my favorite sites for detailed punditry).  Good job, Phil!

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Religulous on DVD!

Are you one of the unfortunate souls who missed out on seeing Bill Maher’s documentary Religulous during its limited theatrical run in late 2008?  That’s too bad: Maher’s religion-is-dangerous exposé became the seventh highest grossing documentary of all time, bringing … Continue reading

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Wrap the bacon of your mind around the fig…

Here’s “Far,” the latest video from musician/comedian/podcaster/skeptic George Hrab.  “Far” is the theme George wrote for the 365 Days of Astronomy podcast.  Damn your eyes, George Hrab!  Now this song is stuck in my head, and every time I hear … Continue reading

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Death from the Skies

This is the way the world ends This is the way the world ends This is the way the world ends SWEET MERCIFUL HEAVENS, is this really the way the world ends?!?!?! Review by John C. Snider © 2009 We’ve … Continue reading

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Hitchy-Hitch roughed up in Lebanon?

Hmmm.  This could be complete malarkey, but the buzz in the blogosphere is that our favorite curmudgeonly contrarian anti-theist, Christopher Hitchens, got beaten up in Lebanon after he defaced a political poster. Whether true, partially true, or completely false, it … Continue reading

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