Darwin Day Success in Atlanta

Wow, what a turn-out for last night’s Darwin Day 2009!  I counted at least 40 (and perhaps as many as 60) people at Decatur’s Thinking Man Tavern.  Getting a proper head-count was a little tough, since we could only pull so many tables together, after which people got scattered around to different parts of the room.  (It’s hard to tell Darwinists from anti-Darwinists unless the latter are actively thumping their Bibles!) 

We saw friends old and new (including lots of people from last weekend’s Atlanta SkeptiCamp).  Part of the great attendance was due to crosstalk amongst Atlanta’s various skeptic/freethought/atheist/science-buff organizations.  I spoke to folks there who identified themselves as members of the Atlanta Atheists Meetup, Atlanta Science Tavern, Atlanta Freethought Society, Atlanta Skeptics, Fellowship of Reason, and GUST (“Gwinnett: Understanding Secular Truths,” a relatively new group in the northern ‘burbs).

Alas and drat, I forgot to bring my camera.  Hopefully somebody will post some pictures on Facebook (or maybe email some to me hint-hint).  Congratulations, Atlantans!  We didn’t embarass ourselves with a paltry DD fizzle.  Instead it was a Darwinian blowout.  Yay!

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