Happy V-Day (except in India)

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Unless, of course, you live in India.  Who’d have thought the peace-loving Hindus would take to cracking the skulls of those foolish enough to observe that most decadent of Western holidays (after Christmas, of course)?  Something called the Sri Ram Sena (a hardline Hindu faction) has been threatening (and sometimes carryout out) violence against shops, restaurants, pubs, and especially young women, who observe Valentine’s Day.  To call these people busybodies is to make light of the damage they do.  They are, in fact, little different from the Taliban and the Saudi morality police who would rather beat and kill those who don’t do as they say.

Lest we think the populace will roll over in the face of these thugs, to the defense comes the Consortium of Pubgoing, Loose and Forward Women (which wins my award for Best Organization Name Ever).  Despite their whimsical name, the Consortium’s young women vow to face down the SRS bullies, and have even mounted a campaign called the “Pink Chaddi Campaign,” which encourages people to mail pink “chaddis” (panties) to the SRS headquarters.  Nice.  It’s like a panty raid in reverse.  They also have a Facebook page.

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