Honor killing in Buffalo?

A Muslim broadcaster in New York state has been charged with beheading his estranged wife (the two were going through a divorce).  Ironically, the two founded a television station devoted to countering negative Islamic stereotypes.

Naturally, we should not rush to judgment, and we should hope that “Mo” Hassan gets a fair trial.  Still, it’s doubly frightening to think that the kind of intolerant brutality and thin-skinned machismo that is rotting the Islamic world from the inside is now on American soil.

Lest anyone think I’m picking on Islam, I should point out that thousands of women are murdered in America each year, and roughly half of the murderers were boyfriends or husbands.  It’s incredibly difficult to find statistics on honor killings in the US (and on decapitation murders particularly), but I think it’s safe to say decapitation holds a special place in the hearts and minds of the hard-line Muslim world.  [Ironically, the only recent decapitation murders in North America that I know of were committed by Chinese (one in Canada, one in Virginia), neither of which could be described as honor killings.  And for what it’s worth, last here right here in metro Atlanta, a Pakistani man strangled his daughter when she rejected an arranged marriage.]

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