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The Kenya Connection

Buy Viagra Online and Order Cheap Viagra Prescription with Guaranteed lowest prices. Our drug store presents high quality pills. Find In my recent encounter with Kenya’s BIPA (a small literacy advocacy group with atheists in key positions), I discovered that vetting overseas charities is complicated and difficult. How can you tell if a foreign solicitation is legit or a scam? … Continue reading

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Podcast #48 – Morality without Gods

Purchase Cialis In Australia We present a recording of “Morality without Gods,” a debate held on the campus of Georgia State University on March 16th, 2009.  Sponsored by GSU’s Revolution Club (which is affiliated with the Revolutionary Communist Party USA), the event was moderated … Continue reading

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Mega-church founder Paulk dies

how to get a doctor to prescribe seroquel Earl Paulk, he of the Roman hands and Russian fingers, whose megachurch successor is both son and “nephew,” is dead.  From the Associated Press: ATLANTA – An evangelical pastor whose leadership of an Atlanta-area megachurch ended in a sex scandal … Continue reading

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Women’s Rights (or lack thereof) in Algeria

click here it all started after i downloaded facebookrsquo;s new messenger app to my iphone priligy na recept donde puedo comprar Here’s an enlightening (and simultaneously frustrating) documentary (about an hour long) about one young woman (Chahinaz) and her quest to overcome religious and traditional constraints on women’s rights in Algeria.  Progress in the Muslim world is frustratingly slow.  Then again, … Continue reading

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Squeaker in Texas

⭐️ | Best Price | Singapore . 25mg-50mg-75mg-100mg and other / Online Pharmacy, Guaranteed Shipping. 24/7 Phone Support. Buy Priligy The Dallas Morning News reports “the State Board of Education on Thursday narrowly turned aside a last-ditch effort by social conservatives to require that ‘weaknesses’ in the theory of evolution be taught in science classes in Texas.”  It was a … Continue reading

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Anyone who bets against science is goin’ down!

| FREE SHIPPING 🔥 |. Find Latest Medication For This pill Now! ,We have special offers for you.. Check More » Here’s another great “diavlog” from astrophysicist/author Adam Frank tries to explain to researcher Eliezer Yudkowsky the central proposition of his new book The Constant Fire: Beyond the Science vs. Religion Debate (which actually looks like a very interesting read).  … Continue reading

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And now…a Moment of Confusion

paracetamol 500 mg bez recepty, contoh resep paracetamol drop, paracetamol w kroplach dla dzieci cena, Created Date: Boy, now I’m all confused.  Back in January a US District Court tossed an Illinois law requiring a moment of silence in the public schools.  But earlier this week the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a moment … Continue reading

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With allies like these, who needs enemies? (Pt 2)

| free delivery🔥 |. Stop Searching About Best pill ! ☀☀☀ ☀☀☀,coupons 75% off. Buy Now » As we previously reported, some of America’s so-called allies in the Islamic world engage in shocking (not just embarrassing or inconvenient) civil rights practices.  Our newly reconstructed “ally” Afghanistan recently sentenced a young man to 20 years in prison for … Continue reading

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Podcast #47 – Freethought in NZ

see url >> Fast And Safety. Bone That's was its physician Science way signaling our our discovered ether disorders. staff, buy elavil in with with It’s our first “international” episode!  We talk to Ross Eddington, a self-described atheist from Christchurch, New Zealand.  Ross gives us the low-down on freethought Down Under, the influence of religion on Kiwi politics, and how New Zealanders view us Bible-crazed … Continue reading

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Time to de-fund NCCAM?

| Best sale🔥 |. We have special offers for you. Flagyl Test Online ,Your health is important.. Check More » You probably didn’t know that the federal goverment actually funds a National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medice (NCCAM).  Ironically, NCCAM has spent more time conclusively debunking CAM rather than affirming it, much to the chagrin of Senator Tom Harkin, … Continue reading

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