The Passion of Christ (Timmy Christ)

Review by David Driscoll

Anointed: The Passion of Timmy Christ, CEO, the debut novel by Zachary Steele, has all the trimmings of a story that should appeal to those of us who aren’t all that thrilled by organized religion.  On the cover is a picture of a $100 bill with a thorny-crowned Jesus where Ben Franklin should be and “In God We Trust” replaced with “In God We Trust” Fund.

Regular guy Timothy Webb has been put in charge of The Christ Corporation, a company formed by Jesus Himself shortly after His resurrection to help spread the Word to the world.  Timothy isn’t particularly religious and doesn’t want the job, but his schizophrenic, attractive, yet chaste wife Kelly sets up the interview and guilts him into applying for the top position, which is re-staffed–by tradition–every 33 years.  Once the paperwork is signed (a hilarious process that takes up most of Chapter 10), Timothy starts down a highly entertaining path that includes meetings with GFCs (“God’s Favorite Churches”), all twelve of the disciples (including the self-serving Judas and the ever-doubting Thomas); and even encounters with Satan and the Anti-Christ.  Steele’s version of Satan is far from a horned devil and is actually a beautiful coed named Natasha, which adds something different to the storyline.

Anointed is fast-moving and humorous, and takes several shots at organized religion.  My favorite dialogue is when God decides to respond to questions from Natasha by reading from a Magic 8-Ball.

Natasha: “Will I ever be anything but the scorn of religion?”

God: “My reply is no.”

Natasha: “Wonderful.  Is that supposed to cheer me up?”

God: “All signs point to Yes.”

Anointed is a very enjoyable read.  If you’re looking for a story that dismisses the supernatural, however, this isn’t it.  The book assumes there’s a real God, Jesus, Devil and Angels, and ridicules not the belief in the existence of these mythical characters, but rather the way modern religions use them to fill their coffers.

If nothing else, Anointed certainly shows that Zachary Steele can write–I look forward to his future works.

Anointed is published by Mercury Retrograde Press and is available at and

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