Pope says condoms aren’t the answer. Now what was the question?

During his current trip to Africa, the pope pulled his head out of his c(ass)ock long enough to declare that “You can’t resolve [the AIDS crisis in Africa] with the distribution of condoms…on the contrary, it increases the problem.”   On the contrary to your contrary, Your Holeyness, but condom use has been shown to be extraordinarily effective.  A quick Google search yielded this fact sheet distributed by the CDC.  Condoms are not 100% effective, but to say they increase the problem is bullshit, Bullshit, BULLSHIT.  I’d say spreading contra-factual propaganda and superstitious folderol increases the problem.

Twenty-two million Africans are infected with HIV, by far the highest percentage of any continent–a continent that perhaps not coincidentally has the lowest acceptance of condom use.  Of course, the pope is right when he says sexual abstinence is the best preventative to sexually transmitted disease (I mean, fasting is the surest way to prevent food poisoning, but wouldn’t you rather adopt safe eating practices and accept the slight risk?).  The problem is that it’s completely unrealistic.  People–even Catholics–are not going to stop having premarital (to say nothing of extramarital) sex, and you’re only dooming millions to misery and death by discouraging any practice that has been shown to reduce STDs.  Go back to Italy and let people who know what they’re talking about help the Africans.

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