How is it they want to outlaw gay marriage…

…but bestiality, ehhh, not so much.  Does it shock you to discover that in 15 states in our “Christian nation,” it is not against the law to have sex with animals?  [Caution: disturbing subject matter if you read this news article.]  Now, I can find plenty of secular, humanistic reasons to leave critters alone, but you’d think the “we’re a Christian nation and homosexuality is an abomination” crowd would be just as concerned about Leviticus 18:23.  (Footnote: Despite a round of Googling, I cannot find a list of these nefarious 15 states; to further complicate things, some reports I’ve read say that although bestiality is not explicitly outlawed in some states, such practices would likely be prosecutable under existing “cruelty to animals” statutes.  Still, you’d think it’d be a no-brainer to put this one unambiguously on the books.  Way to go, Christian Nation!)

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