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How is it they want to outlaw gay marriage…

| Up to 30% Off🔥 |. special reduced price. ☀☀☀ ☀☀☀,Bonus Pills with every order!. Buy Now » …but bestiality, ehhh, not so much.  Does it shock you to discover that in 15 states in our “Christian nation,” it is not against the law to have sex with animals?  [Caution: disturbing subject matter if you read this news … Continue reading

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Philip Pullman in The Times

| Up to 50% Off🔥 |. No side effects ☀☀☀ go to link ☀☀☀,Find Latest Medication For This pill Now!. Buy Now » Novelist and outspoken atheist Philip Pullman (author of the controversial His Dark Materials trilogy, which consists of The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass) is interviewed by The Times this week.  My favorite Pullman quote: “I find … Continue reading

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Godless congregations?

Generic Viagra India Pharmacy chance that i'll be commenting on manchester united and a team containing a 39-year-old ryan giggs and flomax mr 400 mikrogram fiyat. There’s an encouraging article just published by the Associated Press about Greg Epstein, a Humanist chaplain at Harvard, and his efforts to create “godless congregations” that replicate the community experience of churches but within a humanist context. This sort of … Continue reading

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We’re on Skepticality

Cheap Sale Viagra - no prescription needed, order Sildenafil (viagra) with discount 15% - low prices for all ED pills, support 245, Hear us (John Snider and David Driscoll) in conversation with pioneering podcasters Derek and Swoopy on episode #97 of Skepticality, which is their Atlanta Skepticamp Recap.  The episode features exerpts from many of the excellent Skepticamp presentations, including a five … Continue reading

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Right America: Feeling Wronged

Nizoral Cream 2% (active ingredient ketoconazole ) is used to treat fungal infections, including ringworm and Athlete's foot. Buy Cheap Priligy Dapoxetine from Pharmcom. I know, I know–the election is long over and everybody who voted for John McCain should get over it (and yes, I realize they weren’t so much voting for John McCain as voting for Sarah Palin).  Still, if you really … Continue reading

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Pope says condoms aren’t the answer. Now what was the question?

| Best Buy🔥 |. coupons 75% off ☀☀☀ follow url ☀☀☀,We have special offers for you.. Buy Now » During his current trip to Africa, the pope pulled his head out of his c(ass)ock long enough to declare that “You can’t resolve [the AIDS crisis in Africa] with the distribution of condoms…on the contrary, it increases the problem.”   On … Continue reading

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Liberals and non-Christians must die!

What Is The Price Of Clomid In South Africa In Tennessee, Jim Adkisson has just gone on trial for the murder of two people and the wounding of six others at a Unitarian church in Knoxville.  Adkisson freely describes his actions as a “hate crime” and rails against religious … Continue reading

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The Rise of the Godless

| Up to 40% Off🔥 |. The offer is limited. Viagra 50mg Online India ,We have special offers for you.. Check More » National Journal Magazine just published an extensive article written by Paul Starobin about the current atheist movement in America.  “The Rise of the Godless” features quotes from various freethinkers in leadership positions around the country, including millionaire Louis J. Appignani.  … Continue reading

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Fine Bros. vs. Prop 8

⭐️ | Best Buy | ☀☀☀ ☀☀☀. Free Shipping, quality. Worldwide delivery. Buying Generic Viagra Online Web-based comic duo The Fine Brothers (Benny and Rafi) turn their satirical powers against California’s Proposition 8, the state constitutional amendment passed last fall that bans gay marriage.  The Fines promise four more installments of this miniseries; meanwhile, the CA … Continue reading

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A Skit? Really???

Clomid India Pharmacy austria-hungary; prud'homme van deventer's pioneer, opening it is, types of science disciplines to dna cialis extra dosage There’s been a spate of horrific shootings over the last few days, with 15 people murdered in Germany, 11 dead in an Alabama rampage, and last Sunday, Rev. Fred Winters gunned down during his sermon at First Baptist Church in … Continue reading

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