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Podcast #46 – Supreme Court on Summum

We analyze three recent developments nationwide that affect the integrity of church-state separation: an Oklahoma legislator condemns evolution; an Arkansas legislator seeks to end discrimination against atheists in his state constitution; and the Supreme Court rules against an obscure New … Continue reading

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Collapse of the Religious Right?

Speaking of signs of the end times…as the Republican Party and its core of fundamentalist evangelicals fight amongst themselves over why they lost so big in the last two election cycles, some are speculating that we’ve actually seen the last … Continue reading

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The Passion of Christ (Timmy Christ)

Review by David Driscoll Anointed: The Passion of Timmy Christ, CEO, the debut novel by Zachary Steele, has all the trimmings of a story that should appeal to those of us who aren’t all that thrilled by organized religion.  On … Continue reading

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The Stem Cell Wars have only begun

No sooner does President Barack Obama lift certain restrictions on stem cell research funding, than Georgia Republicans introduce a bill that will restrict such research in my adopted home state.  From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

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Jesus, Interrupted

I read Biblical scholar Bart Ehrman’s excellent Misquoting Jesus (a great resource that dispels the notion that the Bible is inerrant and without contradiction) a couple of years ago.  Ehrman’s latest book is Jesus, Interrupted: Revealing the Hidden Contraditions in … Continue reading

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Un Papá Escéptico

How’s your Spanish?  Here’s a great blog from a skeptic south of the border: Un Papá Escéptico (A Skeptical Papa).  It’s maintained by Danny Zepeda, who laments the obssession his fellow countrymen have with the Virgin Mary, alternative medicine and … Continue reading

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Podcast #45 – Mr. Deity

We interview Brian Keith Dalton, the writer, director, and star of the hit web series Mr. Deity, a wry, dry send-up of religious themes.  We also hear from Amy Rohren, who plays Lucifer (aka “Lucy”), Mr. Deity’s ex.  And Brian … Continue reading

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Buckner-Bocchino Debate at GA Tech

On the left is Ed Buckner (president, American Atheists); on the right is Peter Bocchino (president, Legacy of Truth Ministries) in debate at Georgia Tech on Tuesday, March 3rd.  (Sorry, I didn’t catch the name of the moderator sitting in … Continue reading

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The Good Book

If you haven’t read the Bible cover-to-cover at least once, you should.  Sure, it’ll be painful, but it’ll be a real eye-opener.  Short of reading “the Good Book,” check out’s David Plotz in conversation with’s Robert Wright, talking … Continue reading

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Happy Square Root Day!

I know, I know: Pi Day is only 11 days from now.  But if you’re a math wonk like me, you’ll be glad to hear that today–03/03/09–is Square Root Day!  Yeah, it’s silly, but there’ll only be three or four … Continue reading

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