Atlanta! Student Coalition for Inquiry launches at KSU

Par-tay!  Kennesaw State University (in north metro Atlanta) has just recognized the Student Coalition for Inquiry (SCI) as an official campus group.  SCI organizer (and friend of American Freethought) Greg Carr announces that the Coalition’s first social outing will take place on April 8th at 7PM at the Central City Tavern in Atlanta, with us (John Snider and David Driscoll) as the guests of honor!  So…if you’re in town that evening, come show your support, have a few drinks and meet some new friends.

The Student Coalition for Inquiry states their goals as follows:

  • To develop in every member an understanding and appreciation for science, reason, and the application of these in all areas of human endeavor.
  • To promote a lifestyle of inquiry and freedom from superstition.
  • To promote an active skeptical point of view.
  • To counter all forms of religious extremism.
  • To defend religious freedom and church / state separation.
  • To create a campus community for free thinkers and skeptics; both theist and non-theist.

For more information about SCI, you can visit their Facebook page or email Greg at

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