Check. It. Out.

Ain’t it a beaut?  You’re looking at the very first Bertrand Russell Award, presented to Yours Truly last night at the Kennesaw State University Student Coalition for Inquiry’s victory party!  I didn’t get an exact headcount, but there were at least 25 people in attendance at the Central City Tavern, including KSU students and faculty, friends and family, and even a couple of reps from Atlanta-based Fellowship of Reason.

The Bertrand Russell Award (“the Russey”) will be presented each semester by SCI for “free thinking and skepticism.”  I’m honored that Greg and Meg (the President and VP of SCI) thought enough of American Freethought to honor me with this first certificate.  (Okay, Driscoll got one, too, but what can you do?)

SCI has set out an ambitious schedule for the fall semester, including guest speakers, panel discussions, and even a “Debunker’s Ball” (come as your favorite skeptic!).  To stay tuned, hook up with SCI’s Facebook page.

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