Nigerians call for conference against witch-hunting

This is very encouraging news.  Leo Ingwe of the Nigerian Humanist Movement has issued a call for papers for the “National Conference on Witch-hunts, Christian Fundamentalism, and Child Abuse” (you gotta love that they lumped these three topics together).  The Conference is scheduled for October 2009.

Lest you think this is something Americans shouldn’t care much about, be reminded that failed VP candidate and current dahling of the Republican Party Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was publicly blessed in her home church by an African minister con-man who started his career in Kenya by chasing witches out of towns.

Here’s the full announcement:

A Call for Papers: The Nigerian Humanist Movement is calling for papers and oral presentation at its conference to be held in October 2009 in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.


Sub themes:
Religion and Child Abuse
Witchcraft and the Nigerian Law
Witchcraft and Superstition
Witchcraft and Pentecostalism
Witchcraft and Exorcism
Witch-hunt in Akwa Ibom
Witch-hunt in other States/cultures
Witchcraft and Women’s rights

Paper presentations should not be more than 5 (A4) pages and abstracts should be submitted on or before 30th June, 2009.

Please send all abstracts of not more than 100 words to:

The Executive Secretary
Nigerian Humanist Movement
P.O.Box 25269, Mapo Ibadan, Oyo State
Email: or

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