Podcast #51 – Bart Ehrman

We interview Bart Ehrman, Biblical scholar and author of the new book Jesus, Interrupted: Revealing the Hidden Contradictions in the Bible (And Why We Don’t Know About Them). Dr. Ehrman is the James A. Gray Distinguished Professor and Chair of the Department of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.   He has written 21 books and numerous articles, but he is best known for his nonfiction books on Biblical scholarship aimed at general audiences–books that reveal Christianity’s dirty little secret: that what scholars know about the problems with the Bible rarely makes it to the pulpit.

For more info about Dr. Ehrman and his work visit bartdehrman.com.

Also mentioned in the podcast:

Read John’s review of Jesus, Interrupted.  You can buy it at Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk.

Misquoting Jesus – Another great book by Dr. Ehrman published in 2005.  You can buy it at Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk.

Does the God of Christianity Exist? A panel discussion from the Christian Book Expo, in which Christian apologist Lee Strobel claims that there’s a solid case for the historical accuracy of the Gospels.

2010 Mythicist Prize – Organized by author Rene Salms (who makes the controversial claim that the city of Nazareth didn’t even exist during Jesus’ time) and coordinated with the blessing of American Atheists, this prize offers $1,000 to the best academic paper proving that Jesus did not exist.


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Recorded April 17, 2009.  Hosted by John C. Snider and David Driscoll.

To listen to this episode click here.

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3 Responses to Podcast #51 – Bart Ehrman

  1. Shayne says:

    I think you left out of piece of crucial information regarding the author of the book who claimed there wasn’t a city of Nazareth until the 2nd century. I beleive that the author’s claim was that there was a Nazareth in the centuries before Jesus, but was not inhabited during New Testament times. It was later settled again early in the second century. The reason why the New Testament authors placed Jesus in Nazareth was because they had known Jesus as a Nazarite, figuring this to mean he was from Nazareth rather than the likely conclusion that he was of the sect of the Nazarites (like Sampson). I guess they figured he couldn’t have been a part of a sect. The way the discussion went it sounded like a proposterous notion when in fact it is very compelling and is backed up by archaological evidence.
    Overall it was a very good interview and I am a big fan of Dr. Ehrman although I disagree with his certain claims of a historical Jesus. I think, at best, we have to be agnostic of the claim that there was a Jesus.

    Good Job on the Podcast.


    Cleveland, Ohio

  2. Shayne,

    Thanks for your email. I admit I have not read Rene Salm’s work, but I did trade a couple of emails with him in which he said part of his Jesus-is-mythology thesis involved the “fact” that “Nazareth did not exist at the time of Jesus.” He didn’t say Nazareth was in an interim, so I assumed he meant it hadn’t even been settled.

    At any rate, the more I hear about Mr. Salm the more I doubt his credentials. For example:


  3. Steven Carr says:

    ‘At any rate, the more I hear about Mr. Salm the more I doubt his credentials.’

    And what were the credentials of the Gospel authors?

    Sherlock Holmes was based on a real person.

    So was Popeye.

    I guess that means they existed.

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