Podcast #51 – Bart Ehrman

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3 Responses to Podcast #51 – Bart Ehrman

  1. Shayne says:

    http://datingadult.online/online-dating-site-in-india-free-chat/ online dating site in india free chat Overall it was a very good interview and I am a big fan of Dr. Ehrman although I disagree with his certain claims of a historical Jesus. I think, at best, we have to be agnostic of the claim that there was a Jesus.

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    Cleveland, Ohio

  2. Shayne,

    Thanks for your email. I admit I have not read Rene Salm’s work, but I did trade a couple of emails with him in which he said part of his Jesus-is-mythology thesis involved the “fact” that “Nazareth did not exist at the time of Jesus.” He didn’t say Nazareth was in an interim, so I assumed he meant it hadn’t even been settled.

    At any rate, the more I hear about Mr. Salm the more I doubt his credentials. For example:


  3. Steven Carr says:

    ‘At any rate, the more I hear about Mr. Salm the more I doubt his credentials.’

    And what were the credentials of the Gospel authors?

    Sherlock Holmes was based on a real person.

    So was Popeye.

    I guess that means they existed.

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