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Nigerians call for conference against witch-hunting

This is very encouraging news.  Leo Ingwe of the Nigerian Humanist Movement has issued a call for papers for the “National Conference on Witch-hunts, Christian Fundamentalism, and Child Abuse” (you gotta love that they lumped these three topics together).  The … Continue reading

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We’re on Atheist Nexus

The American Freethought Podcast now has a presence on the Atheist Nexus.  What’s Atheist Nexus?  Well, it’s like Facebook for nonbelievers.  We still have our Facebook page, but if you’re so inclined, check us out on the Nexus!

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Conservative Atheists?

I attended a private reception last weekend in the aftermath of the American Atheists National Convention, and there met several fellow nonbelievers from various parts of the country.  A proposition arose to the effect that “atheists, by definition, can’t be … Continue reading

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Atlantans! Wanna be in a book club?

Folks, for those who live in metro Atlanta and have an interest in participating in a secular-oriented nonfiction book club, this might be just the thing for you.  My wife (Allison, whom you’ve heard a few times on the podcast) … Continue reading

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Podcast #50 – American Atheists Convention

We discuss our experience at the recent America Atheists National Convention, which was held at the beautiful Emory Conference Center Hotel in Decatur, Georgia.  How did the impressive slate of presenters (including activist and retired evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins) do?  … Continue reading

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Jesus, Interrupted

Review by John C. Snider Bart Ehrman is a man caught in the middle. Ehrman, the James A. Gray Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, has made a name for himself writing nonfiction … Continue reading

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Creflo Dollar: liar or dupe?

Creflo Dollar tells his credulous flock about Drilling to Hell (literally).  Thanks to American Freethought fan Bob (whom we met at last week’s American Atheists convention) for passing along this tidbit, and thanks to David for his research.  It made … Continue reading

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New NY archbishop to “challenge” criticism

I guess the Eye of Sauron is tap-dancing with glee in his dank sub-basement, since he’ll soon have a new ally.  The AP reports: “The incoming archbishop of New York [Timothy Dolan] says he will challenge any suggestion that Roman … Continue reading

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With allies like these, who needs enemies? (Pt 3)

Pakistan’s president has signed off on a deal that turns the country’s Swat Valley over to the Taliban.  How can the US provide any more support–military, political or monetary–to a country that openly collaborates with people like this? With allies … Continue reading

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Why are we religious?

At the American Atheists National Convention here in Atlanta last weekend, we heard Dr. J. Anderson Thomson deliver a fascinating lecture on religion and the brain.  Don’t miss an opportunity to hear Dr. Thomson speak!

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