Bleckley Bible Reading 2009

See the picture on the right?  That’s the Bleckley County (Georgia) Court House, in Cochran, Georgia (just south of Macon in the middle of the state).  [Click on the image for a larger view.]  In case you “missed” the National Day of Prayer on May 7th, and in case a single day of government-sponsored devotion wasn’t enough for you, the good citizens of Bleckley decided that what the county seat needed was a full week of Bible reading.  (I feel sorry for whoever got the job of rattling through all the “begats”!)

Question: Were none of the churches available during the week?

Here’s what the ironically named local newspaper, The Bleckley Progress, had to say about the event:

On May 1, the sixth annual Bible Reading Marathon kicked off on the courthouse square. It featured guest speakers such as state Senator Ross Tolleson and special music. The marathon will go on each day through May 7, the National Day of Prayer. The Bible-reading marathon is sponsored by the Cochran-Bleckley Ministreial [sic] Alliance.

In previous years, this event has drawn such guest readers as Georgia Secretary of State Cathy Cox.

Thanks for the tip to Elton, who asks: “I wonder if we can get a permit to read the Origin of Species on the county court house steps?”  Good idea, Elton!  After all, November 24th is the 150th anniversary of the publication of Darwin’s masterpiece.

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