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Carving a niche for “official superstitions”

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that there’s no well-drawn line to tell the government when it can interfere with parental discretion.  Cases like that of Daniel Hauser (the 13-year-old boy with a six-inch-diameter tumor whose parents wanted to … Continue reading

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Podcast #57 – Bruce M. Hood

We interview Bruce M. Hood, author of SuperSense, which theorizes a genetic predisposition toward religious belief, superstition, and other irrational behaviors (and that includes you, too, atheists!). Read John’s review of SuperSense, or buy your very own copy (highly recommended) … Continue reading

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Charlotte rocks Dawkins

Charlotte Pop Fest is a multi-day music festival that will feature well-established internationally known artists in addition to local and regional indie artists in the “power pop” genre. The event will take place in the Fall of 2009 in Uptown … Continue reading

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Exorcist/child-abuser scot-free in GA

Another perfect example of religion as a cover for insanity and criminal behavior.  Read this article and tell me that, had the mother’s excuse been “I’m performing a ritual in the name of the High Folderol,” or “Instead of taking … Continue reading

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Mr. Deity and the Book, Part Deux

Crank up the Hammond organ–here’s the second episode of the new season of Mr. Deity!

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Harris v. Ball on Science

Check out this thoughtful debate between Sam Harris and science writer Philip Ball, which was sparked by Ball’s less-than-enthusiastic response to the launch of Harris’s Reason Project.  It didn’t help that Ball was somewhat complimentary of Francis Collins’s BioLogos Foundation.

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May I recommend…

…The Ascent of Man?  Jacob Bronowski died not long after he created this groundbreaking BBC documentary series about science and culture, and I remember watching it years ago (while I was in high school or college).  Anyway, I was very … Continue reading

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3 more years of this and you’ll WISH it was the end of the world

The 2012 frenzy has begun.  In case you didn’t know it, the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012.  As far as I know, the Maya themselves attached no significance to this fact, but every whackjob, wingnut, and opportunistic New … Continue reading

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It’s better to look scientific than BE scientific

Ever wonder why doctors wear white coats?  I always thought it was for hygiene purposes and to save wear and tear on “real” clothes.  Apparently it’s because doctors want to look all scientificky and therefore more authoritative (or trustworthy, if … Continue reading

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Podcast #56 – Tim Farley (

We interview Tim Farley, creator of the website (an invaluable database of death and destruction caused by alternative medicine, superstition, lack of critical thinking, etc.).  Tim has also given talks and organized seminars to teach skeptics how to be … Continue reading

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