Wired on the Georgia Guidestones

You may recall we talked about the mysterious Georgia Guidestones during our special live podcast at last year’s Dragon*Con.  Now Wired magazine’s Randall Sullivan has written a thorough account of the history of this strange Peach State landmark. (In a nutshell, these granite monoliths are engraved with a list of aphorisms which are vaguely New Agey, but which crack-brained fundamentalists interpret as templates of the New World Order.  Among other things, why the NWO would advertise their nefarious plot in the north Georgia hinterlands has never been satisfactorily explained.)

And it’s really a shame that disrespectful yokels have recently taken to vandalizing the Guidestones, with someone splashing polyurethane on them, and others scrawling obscenities on them with spraypaint.  It’s amazing that so many people take the Guidestones as a serious threat.  I hope the Elbert County government will find the money and the means to clean up the mess and bring the vandals to justice.  It’s not that I care, particularly, about the message on the Guidestones, but rather that I find vigilante censorship and destruction of property highly offensive.  (Thanks to Doubting Foo for the tip!)

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