Roy Moore running for AL governor

Well, I knew this was coming.  Roy Moore is running for governor of Alabama.  Again.  Aren’t you thrilled?  (I am, kind of, since it will provide endless fodder for the AF podcast…but I don’t envy you, Alabamans.)

Moore, you may recall, came to the nation’s attention back in the mid-90s as a Circuit Judge in Alabama, displaying a hand-made wooden plaque of the Ten Commandments and insisting on a Baptist prayer before court sessions.  (It was this controversy, by the way, that brought me into the freethought movement, when I went to hear a juror involved in the case speak at the Atlanta Freethought Society.)

Alabamans showed their true worth when they subsequently elected Moore as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, where his most notable achievement was the commissioning of a 2 1/2 ton granite monument of the Ten Commandments.  (Moore was subsequently removed from office after he refused to honor a federal court order to remove the monument.)

Moore ran for governor in 2006 but lost in the primary.  But now, like a reanimated corpse, he’s back!  Check out his campaign site at–try to hold back your gag reflex (and repress your eye-rolling urge) while watching the biographical video.

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