LRO images Apollo sites

As hard as it is to believe, in the four decades since the six Apollo missions landed on the moon, nobody has had the capability to actually take pictures of the landing sites from orbit.  None of our telescopes–not even Hubble–has been powerful enough to actually “see” the remains of the Lunar Modules or any of the other tell-tales that human beings once walked on the moon.

But now, just in time for the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11, the new Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) has come to the rescue.  Check out these preliminary photos from lunar orbit of five of the six landing sites.  Reportedly the LRO is capable of taking more detailed photos, so it’ll be cool to see what subsequent passes will yield.

Meanwhile, NASA has also released newly restored footage from Apollo 11.  So far only a few minutes are available, part of a project that will go on for several months.

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