Robert Wright takes on the “New Atheists” (including me!), Part Deux

As I reported last week, Robert Wright (The Evolution of God), whom we interviewed in episode #58 of the podcast, published an essay at Huffington Post titled “Why the ‘New Atheists’ are Right-Wing on Foreign Policy.”  I posted a critique of this essay in which, among other things, I take Wright to task for asserting that the Israeli/Palestinian conflict was not originally a religious conflict.  (I do, to be clear, agree with Wright that the problem is not solely and exclusively religious, but rather an unholy–I use that term advisedly–combination of religion, culture and politics.)

Wright has just published a follow-up at HuffPo (titled, oddly, “The Trouble with the New Atheists, Part II“–odd, since there isn’t a Part I sharing that title), in which he counters various objections to his original piece, including mine.   We’ll just have to agree to disagree as to the religious origins (or lack thereof) of the Israeli/Palestinian quagmire.

It’s interesting, if I might indulge in a little picking of nits, that Wright implies that I am one of the New Atheists, since he explicitly took me to task, during our podcast interview, of holding opinions in direct opposition to the New Atheists.  (I’ve also said before that I’m not all that fond of the label and/or definition of so-called “New Atheists,” since I don’t think there’s anything new about them except their sudden discovery by the media.)

At any rate, I’m sure the debate won’t end here, and if nothing else comes out of this, I’ve achieved my first name-check at HuffPo.

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