Dragon*Con Skeptrack schedule available

If you’re going to Dragon*Con this year–and we are–you’ll be pleased to know the Skeptics Track schedule is now available.  Yay!  The usual caveats apply: it’s preliminary and subject to change.

It’s a great line-up, too!  In no particular order: James Randi, Phil Plait, Seth Shostak, Joe Nickell, Ben Radford, Steve Novella, George Hrab, et al.  And, of course, yours truly (John Snider and David Driscoll) bringing you another live episode of the American Freethought Podcast, 11:30AM-12:30PM, Saturday, Sep 5.

Meanwhile, we still have our work cut out for ourselves vis-a-vis being Skeptical Ambassadors to the General Public.  As soon as the Skeptrack schedule announced on a local sci-fi message board, somebody posted this gem:

Skeptic track at DragonCon? Sounds sort of kill-joyish and a little at odds with the whole premise of DragonCon.  I’d rather believe in ghosts, tarot cards, alien invasions, etc. even if it’s just for a weekend.  It’s kinda like going into Sears and telling all the kids in line that there’s no Santa Claus.  Isn’t part of Dragon*Con about “getting away from reality” for a weekend?

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