Our Dragon*Con schedule

For those attending next month’s Dragon*Con (September 4-7) in Atlanta, here is our final (i.e. marginally subject to change) schedule of appearances:

John C. Snider & David Driscoll
American Freethought – LIVE!
Description: American Freethought performs another great episode of their podcast for Dragon*Con goers and fans.
Time: Sat 11:30 am Location: 207 / 206 / 205 – Hilton (Length: 1 Hour)

For those interested in science fiction, here’s my (John C. Snider’s) scheduled panels:
Title: J. J. Abrams’ Star Trek: The Verdict
Description: Everything old is literally new again in J. J. Abrams’ blockbuster reinvention of the 43-year-old Star Trek franchise. What worked? What didn’t?
Time: Fri 07:00 pm Location: Savannah 1-3 – Sheraton (Length: 2.5 Hours)

Title: How to Get Rejected
Description: A seriously humorous look at why manuscripts get rejected. The editors tell it all!
Time: Sun 10:00 am Location: Manila / Singapore / Hong Kong – Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)

Of course, we’ll both be around on and off all weekend, and we’d find it incredibly difficult to say no to a beer or a coffee.  :)

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