Pharyngulites descend on Creation Museum

Today is D-Day for PZ Myers and his Pharyngulites (hey, that’s a great name for a band!) as they descend en masse on northern Kentucky’s Creation Museum. Myers has been organizing this outing for weeks/months and made no secret about it.  This is not a day for protest and disruption, however; rather, Myers has made it clear that the purpose of the trip is for fact-finding and amusement.

Numerous skeptics have voiced their desire to get a picture of or with the infamous Triceratops with a Saddle that sits in front of the Museum entrance.  Or rather sat.  In an amazing coincidence, Museum management claims the ‘tops is out for maintenance, but last night a vanload of skeptics on their way to the museum passed a trailer with a saddled Triceratops strapped to it.  They got pictures and everything.

Check Myer’s Pharyngula blog later for detailed report, or follow him on Twitter at  Meanwhile, check out the pictures from my expedition last year, or listen our our discussion of it on episode #15 of the American Freethought podcast.

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