A Freethought Manifesto

I thought this was too cool not to pass along.  I got an email from fellow freethinker Brett Milner (check out his blog at alienlogic.wordpress.com), who says:

I put together a “Freethought Manifesto”, timeless quotes set to music, as a gift to my brother for his birthday earlier this month.  We both thought it should be shared with anyone who might be interested, so here you go.

For his version, I found a nice slim Avery three-ring binder, put the coversheet in front, and included a CD.  You might come up with a more inventive presentation, but in any case, feel free to distribute or share as you please.

Well, Brett, it pleases me to share it here.  The Manifesto combines quips from famous thinkers from John Adams to Douglas Adams with music from bands like Talking Heads, Rush and (one of my personal faves) TOOL.

Download the Freethought Manifesto in pdf format.  (Funny, we’re hitting a theme here lately of freethought and pop music.  Go figure…)

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