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DVR Alert: Dawkins and Collins on Colbert

While it would have been super-cool to have Richard Dawkins and Francis Collins on The Colbert Report at the same time, we’ll have to settle for them one-at-a-time.  Dawkins (author of the new book The Greatest Show on Earth) will … Continue reading

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It’s Blasphemy Day, God Damn It!

Well, it’s International Blasphemy Day.  The Center for Inquiry has led the charge to make September 30th “a day to promote free speech and to stand up in a show of solidarity for the freedom to challenge, criticize, and satirize … Continue reading

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Podcast #66 – Freethought in Mexico

We interview Danny Zepeda, a skeptical blogger living in Morelia, a city in central Mexico.  He talks about the state of freethought South of the Border, the prevalence of superstition and alt-medicine quackery in Mexican society, and the challenges of … Continue reading

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Darwin film gets US distributor

When reports came out a few days ago blaming Creationist fervor in America for the failure of Darwin bio-pic Creation to get a US distributor, I was skeptical of the claim; further, I was sure it wouldn’t be long before … Continue reading

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Charlotte Pop Fest happening now!

The Charlotte Pop Fest is underway right now, September 24-26!  Proceeds from this non-profit fest will benefit the Richard Dawkins Foundation.  If you’re within striking distance of Charlotte, NC and want to attend, there’s more info at Not surprisingly, … Continue reading

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Gran Torino, MD

I think I’ve figured out how they could pull off a sequel to the recent film Gran Torino: as the new movie opens, Clint Eastwood’s  über-curmudgeon Walt Kowalski lies in intensive care, riddled with bullet holes but not dead.  Grimacing, … Continue reading

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Marilyn Loeffel’s Wrong Perspective

How bass-ackwards can any one person get things?  To find out, one need only read the latest column by Marilyn Loeffel in the Memphis, Tennessee Commercial Appeal.  Loeffel is the “former chairman of the Shelby (Tennessee) County Commission and former … Continue reading

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Happy (2nd) Birthday to Us!

Today American Freethought is two years old. On September 23, 2007 the URL “” was registered, and on the next day the first entry went online. Over the course our second year, we’ve managed to post something on the blog … Continue reading

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Podcast #65 – Live at Dragon*Con

Here’s a recording of our live show, presented September 5th on the Dragon*Con Skeptics Track.  Among the topics discussed: Homeopathic beer (with a tip o’ the hat to That Mitchell and Webb Look) The CieAura Patch of Woo Are skepticism … Continue reading

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Freethought Film Festival

Hey, how cool is this?  The Freethought Film Festival Foundation (FFFF) is a newly-launched non-profit organization based in–where else?–Florida (the only state that begins with an “F”).  They’re shooting for November 2010 in Tampa.  If you’re a budding filmmaker, or … Continue reading

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